Скачать игру Depth Hunter на компьютер


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Скачать игру BeamNG Drive v0. Game name: BeamNG Drive v0. Если Вы любите крушить тачки, тогда скачать игру Depth Hunter на компьютер проходите мимо BeamNG Drive. Для игры разработан совершенно новый движок, который позволяет достичь небывалого реализма симуляции физики мягких тел!

Вы можете скрыть всю рекламу на сайте. В игре довольно много настроек и функций, изначально в них очень тяжело разобраться поэтому любая полезная информация будет добавляться в тему с игрой. Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8.

В игре довольно много настроек и функций, изначально в них очень тяжело разобраться поэтому любая полезная информация будет добавляться в тему с игрой. UI upscaling option: Scales the UI on big resolutions, fixes performance problems on 4k screens. Units are a lot more customizable now: Added British configuration as well.

Chase camera: Inverted looking directions. Fixed weird default to chase camera behavior. Defaults to orbit camera again. Fixed Lua debugger always starting, resulting in slow startup times.

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Trigger fixes: Rectangular triggers actually triggering correctly now. Added help скачать for компьютер experiencing weird force feedback with на Logitech wheels. игру: Fixed beams deforming hunter depth when trying to set alignment. Barstow: New leaf spring design.

Скачать игру Depth Hunter на компьютер

Burnside: New leaf spring design. Roamer: New leaf spring design front and rear. Improved rigidity of van rear door opening.

Reduced D15 frame stiffness for more accurate twist. Fixed HD fuel tank not igniting.

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Groups causing lag in crashes. Fixed some tires still having mesh breaking disabled. Reduced grass desity on non-High graphic settings, added a slice toa select custom values. Fixed broken Lua functions: serialize, path.

Скачать игру Depth Hunter на компьютер

Скачать игру Depth Hunter на компьютер

Fixed broken Ground models: Attributes had typos. Improved support for really long log messages.

TrackIR support added, simply start the software then the game, should simply work. Deprecated textures with size non-power of 2 or smaller than 16 pixels. Deprecated non gpu compressed texture formats.

Cargo Door now using dpov instead of upov on Xbox Controllers. Groundmodel Debug visualization: now with ground model names being displayed. Fixed fatal error messages being shown behind the game, freezing the game. Now minimizing the game making the messagebox visible.

Launcher: Removed crashreporter initialization error messagebox, making it completely optional to have. Added error message if render process is missing or died. Fixed fatal errors not closing the game correctly, leaving a zombie process behind. Slot options are now self-isolating.

They previously leaked into parts after them. It should now print the callstack properly when lua gets an exception. Improved Game engine Lua interface, some call signatures changed to make more sense now. The game engine might not be reasdy at this point in time.

Ability to load things that are needed when the actual resources are loaded. Improvements to the module subsystem: allowing custom serialization and deserialization functions: input subsystem now saving values between reloads. Ground models now live in a json file and are case insensitive. This format will change again drastically in the next updates. Characterics are configurable, from small and responsive to big and violent.

Added support for loading . Wheels and tires separated out into a new global system. If the lug nuts line up, you can put any wheel on any car, and any tire that fits on that wheel. Separated wheel and tire flexbody groups.